1st International Conference on Islamic Economics for Sustainable Development

Jakarta, November 11-13, 2017


ICIESD 2017 focuses on the need to leverage on collaboration between Indonesian Government, Islamic Economic experts and enthusiasts to value and promote the roles and benefits of Islamic Economics in achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This conference is to address and discuss the alignment of Islamic Economic teaching and practice with SDGs. ICIESD 2017 Conference topics will feature top presentations by internationally and nationally acclaimed speakers delivering useful and eye-opening sessions regarding - but are not limited to: (klik link for details)

Hybrid Model of Zakah, Waqf, Qard, Hassan & Islamic Finance for Sustainable Microfinance The Role of Islamic Finance in the Global Economic Development Sustainability in Islamic Banking Industry: How to Manage Liquidity and Systemic Risk Islamic Capital Market Inclusion Financial Technology in Islamic Economics Development Sustainability on Global Halal Industry

Paper Presentation

Paper Presentations are organized for sharing the research work of researchers who have been selected from the “call for paper” nomination. It is held to convince the audience about the importance, validity and relevance of the participant’s research. Paper presentations emphasize both the motivation for the work and the outcome of it.

  1. Islamic Economics
  2. Islamic Philanthropy (Zakat, Wakaf, Shadaqah&Qardhulhasan)
  3. Sustainability on Islamic Banking
  4. Sustainabilityon Islamic Marketing
  5. Sustainabilityon Islamic Accounting
  6. IslamicEntrepreneurship(Business and Management)
  7. Sustainability on Islamic Trade and Finance
  8. Poverty Eradiction, Disparity and Inequality
  9. Financial Inclusion and Microfinance
  10. Islamic Economics Policy (Fiscal and Monetary)
  11. Innovations in Islamic Financial Design
  12. Financial Technology on Islamic Economics
  13. Human Resource and Development for Islamic Economics
  14. Sustainability on Islamic Financial Literacy
  15. Islamic Capital Market Inclusion
  16. Sustainability on Sukuk Development
  17. Halal Industry (Food, Fashion, Tourism, Cosmetics etc)
  18. Islamic Economic on SDGs
  19. *and any relation with the topics


Date Event
August, 31st 2017 Abstdact, Submission Deadline
September, 15th 2017 Abstract, Acceptance Notification
October, 12th 2017 Full, Paper Submission Deadline
November, 5th 2017 Registration, Deadline
November, 15th-17th 2017 Conference Date
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