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The Japanese Regional Studies Study Program (KWJ) School of Strategic and Global Studies (SKSG) UI, on Thursday 20 May 2021, received another visit from Osaka Gas, represented by Mr. Kazuo Pontoh. Mr. Pontoh conveyed the Osaka Gas scholarship program for 2021-2022. This visit was received by the Head of the KWJ Study Program, Dr. M. Mossadeq Bahri, MPhil. together with the KWJ Scholarship Selection Team, Dr. Kurniawaty Iskandar, MA and Mrs. Dina Fatiana AMd. as staff of the School Administration Department. This collaboration program selection is carried out once a year for UI Japanese Regional Studies students and until 2021 dozens of KWJ UI students have been sent to take part in a language training program in Osaka-Japan organized by the Japan Foundation. The Osaka Gas scholarship program provides an opportunity for KWJ students to take part in Japanese language proficiency training and also an introduction to Japanese culture in Japan. This training was sponsored by the Osaka Gas Foundation of International Cultural Exchange (OGFICE) where the Osaka Gas Foundation scholarship itself was established in 1992 to strengthen relations with natural gas producing countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia.

On this occasion, students selected to receive the 2020/2021 Osaka Gas Scholarship (OGFICE) gave their impressions. For Jessica Handayani, this program was very helpful in getting the opportunity to receive training in Japanese language proficiency and various data related to the thesis theme. Ichsan Gifari reported that the training he received included presentation and interview practice using Japanese. This training also has a supervising teacher and is supported by a reliable librarian to help students who want to prepare their final presentation using Japanese. During the training period, scholarship recipients are trained according to their respective interests.

OGFICE’s step in making adjustments to the conditions of the Covid outbreak was to divide its programs into two, namely a direct visit to Japan, and training through formal online classes for almost two months. Several additional classes including informal Nihongo Cafe classes and Rakugo appreciation classes are also held. Nihongo Cafe is a training model where Japanese teachers and staff gather to talk about casual things, such as effective methods of learning Japanese, getting to know friends from other countries, and also making rhymes in Japanese.


Mr. Kazuo Pontoh hopes that this collaboration program can continue into the following years because for students studying Japanology, seeing Japan directly is very important and is part of the learning process because they can see the true reality of Japanese society and can also open new insights. Dr. Dr. Mossadeq Bahri, M.Phil as head of study program remembers that not all students have the opportunity to carry out research in Japan. Meanwhile, Dr. Kurniawaty said that KWJ students were very enthusiastic about taking part in this program where the opportunity to gain insight and in-depth experience could be realized as a provision for students to study themes specific to Japan.

For students who receive the next scholarship in 2021-2022, the opportunity to register will be opened in early June 2021.  Two students who will pass the selection will receive training either online in Indonesia in the period July – September 2021, or a visit to Japan to take part in training during 3 weeks in Osaka between January to March, 2022.

(reporter & photos: Jessica Handayani, edited by Tyas)