Research Cluster

Research Cluster
As part of the University of Indonesia, the School of Strategic and Global Studies (SSGS) contributes to building national civilization and producing superior and globally competitive human resources. Through a multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scientific approach, SSGS has become a leading graduate school that is able to respond well to strategic and global challenges for a better life in society and the environment. SSGS carries out research development and publications as part of the three pillars of Higher Education to advance the identity of the Postgraduate School and Research Campus. SSGS develops research centers, research laboratories and publication platforms to intensify research and publication agendas. There are several substantial research groups formed to accommodate such measures. This group includes Innovation, Technology and Social Change; Food, water and energy; Religion, Politics, Peace and Conflict; Defense and security; Settlements and Infrastructure; Disasters, Mitigation & Adaptation; Trade, Investment, Employment, Finance and Banking; and Health, and Social and Human Development. This research cluster generally discusses environmental, social, humanities and resilience aspects which will answer current strategic and global challenges in an integrated manner.
SSGS has both mission and vision to increase the productivitiy of research and quality publication that is both recognize nationally and internationally. Through variour research and publication agenda, SKSG has opened a huge chance to work together in national and international level for academics, researchers, students, practitioner, and institution. Therefore, SSGS with it's commitment to become an internationally recognized postgraduate school with goals to answer strategic and global challanges.

Lecturer Expertise Profile

SKSG is always committed to being one of the best higher education institutions in Engineering in ASEAN. There needs to be collaboration and synergy, both from internal SKSG and the stakeholders involved. Let's get to know the lecturers who always support SKSG UI to become better and innovate through their respective fields and expertise.